Nigerians pray for hope

The rate at which things are getting expensive in the country is so alarming and no one knows when it will reach the peak.

The peak is always that point that says the worst has happened. That’s only accurately known retrospectively. Any prediction of when this peak will be is fancy guesswork, really.

The best that will happen will be that the government will review how the economy is and implement changes to make things move forward.

People are hungry. True.

The mechanic who makes his money only when cars ply the gut-wrenching roads…

The bus conductor who relies on passengers to forget their change…

The market woman prays for people to storm the streets so she makes an extra buck after shouting for the attention of passerby’s for 12 hours in the sun.

These people have no savings beyond a week! Most of them cannot live more than 3 days without working to top-up!

They don’t have 3 children like those of you in your gated communities.

They have seven, eight, sometimes ten!

Men have 2 wives to feed! Etc

That’s an enormous financial responsibility that when unmet, will make many good men contemplate begging.

You can keep people ignorant but you cannot keep people hungry for so long.

Other countries provide financial relief for those living in the country to survive.

The festive season is around the corner, people aren’t happy, people are hungry and yet everything keeps going up.

Nigerians pray for hope as they prepare for the festive season.

We all hope the economy gets stable.

God help us all.

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