Is lagos really the number one city in Nigeria?

The Lagos struggle………….

You sit still in traffic, alongside a sea of cars that stretch into what seems like an endless eternity, and when traffic moves, the relief is priceless.

You walk among a faceless crowd of people, running towards opportunities in the mornings, and in the evenings, you see them running towards buses in the struggle to get home; a journey for the tough in heart I must say.

You suspect every passerby; the ones who greet, grinning at you, the ones who smile warmly at you, and the ones who do nothing but throw intermittent glances at you. You never know who is what, so you are just minding your business and also paying attention to details.

In Lagos, you anticipate weekends, but should you have an engagement planned out, you are just as stuck in traffic as you are on workdays. Whew!

In Lagos, you hear people share chunks of experiences about it in buses, in gatherings, and on casual phone calls; a ritual for Lagosians. sometimes, many times you hear people say “If you fit stay for lagos, you fit stay anywhere for this world”

Lagos is like golden eggs sitting among thorns. The golden eggs refer to its fancy buildings with life-changing jobs and urban life. The thorns refer to the many things you endure to get those.

But with all these, the irony of being in Lagos is the overwhelming belief that it is not worth leaving for any other place. How true is this?

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