December 2022 is closer than you think.

If you were of some age a decade ago, you will have heard about VISION 2020. It was a woke mantra in the early 2000’s that reached a feverish pitch.

There was something called MDG goals that had a target for the year 2020.

World Health Organization also had their version of VISION 2020 to end avoidable causes of worldwide diseases.

Every multinational company had its version of it.

Like you have observed, no one did quite well in reaching those targets.

2020 came and people were still poor globally; people were still blind and diseased in astonishingly horrific ways. organizations were understandably struggling economically.

2020 came and voila we had “Corona Virus” staring at the world. It basically shut the world down.

Maybe now, the world will readjust a new target for the next decade, to redeem its failings.



It looks far, but it is nearer than we think.

December 31st, 2022 looks like 12 long months away but it is nearer than you think.

It’s time to work.

Eat today. Celebrate.

Tomorrow is for reaching, for climbing, for growing, for moving, for doing.

Do you remember what’s always written on side mirrors of street cars?


That’s the perfect description of time.

December 2022 looks far but it’s nearer than you think.

I really hope you do something with what you just read.

I hope you do.


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