3 Romantic Places To Visit This Valentine.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, we all know it is a day in every couples life to revive the unique bond and love they share. This special day holds a big importance in every lover’s life. To enjoy a romantic day like never before here are some of the handpicked places to visit on valentine’s day.


This south Asian Island is a perfect place for romance, a destination for lovers to feel the perfect luxury at its peak. A beautiful country in every sense of the word: warm people, great weather, and delicious meals ‘Yummy Yummy’. This island would definitely tickle your senses like ‘Nigerian Jollof’ . To make memories, Maldives is a perfect place to visit.

Beauty at its peak


You can have your dream carribean romantic vacation at the Whispering Palms in Badagry. This is a perfect place for lovers to have a cozy time with each other and also grab a coconut/ straw while you explore the resort and its amazing scenery. Can’t go to the Caribbean? Then bring the Caribbean home!

Whispering Palms


Sencillio is a luxury beach house located at Ilashe (Lagos) so if you’re not on a limited budget, this is definitely a great choice for lovers. Surrounded by nature, beach & sea. Sencillo is the Perfect Getaway from the hustle and bustle just to enjoy that quality time with your lover. The minimalist all-white design will sweep you off your feet ‘uh la la’. This place takes our number 3 spot, it’s just so perfect for you. Yes you!


Have you been to any of these romantic places? Now you have a chance to visit with your lover this valentine’s season. Share your experiences with us in the comments if you’ve visited any of these places.

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